Handling local water restrictions for landscaping


Intelligently automate for when you’re not allowed to irrigate 

Even under non-drought conditions, at least 40 states are now anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages. So it’s more than likely you have mandatory restrictions on outdoor water use in your area. ETwater helps avoid costly fines for irrigating during prohibited days and times. It can automatically schedule irrigation to both respect municipal water restrictions while still meeting the actual water needs of your landscaping.

First, do you know what the local or state government restrictions on outdoor water use are where you live? To find out, please visit the website for your water agency. Restrictions will often be displayed in a chart, such as the examples below, designating when and/or who is able to water. If you’re unable to find restrictions on the water agency’s website, but believe there may be some in place, call them directly to find out.






Typically, municipal restrictions tend to prohibit watering during daylight hours. They’re also usually separated into residential and non-residential (commercial). If you’re unsure what category you fall into, please contact ETwater Customer Care and we can assist you to verify.         


How to review, update or add new water agency restrictions 


The ETwater Municipal Restrictions feature allows you to easily include in your automated schedule any specific days and times when irrigation is prohibited. Go log into your ETwater Manager web app, click the “Municipal Restrictions” tab that you’ll find on the Controller Overview page. Then complete check the compliance checklist to select the type of restriction(s) enforced by your water agency, including day(s) of the week and/or time(s) of the day. Click Save and you’re done! ETwater takes it from here and will handle these restrictions as part of its watering algorithm for your landscape until you change or cancel them.


Click here to watch the ETwater video tutorial for step-by-step instructions how to change or schedule new Municipal Restrictions.   


Other handy features to manage smart controller settings
On the Controller Overview page in the ETwater Manager web app you’ll find more convenient options for adjusting or rescheduling your automatic watering as necessary.


Suspend icon

Suspend. Allows the setting of a suspension on irrigation of all stations for a controller. Stops all watering until the suspension is removed.

Block Days icon

Block Days. Allows selection of ‘dry days’ for specific stations on the same day every week. 

Water Window

Water Window. Set Start and End times when scheduled irrigation for zones/stations can occur.

Establishment Schedule icon

Establishment Schedules. Expanded irrigation scheduling to allow root growth for new plants.


ETwater Customer Care
If you ever need any help checking or adding municipal restrictions, please contact ETwater Customer Care. You can conveniently reach the Care team by phone, email or via the Live Chat feature on our website.
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