High Volume Season

Happy Irrigation Season!

We are at the peak of the season here at ETwater and are experiencing a large volume of inbound requests.

Due to the high volume, you may experience some delays in response time from ETwater. All customer inquiries are handled in the order that they are received and should be addressed within 24-48 business hours. This is to ensure that every major or substantive report has been thoroughly reviewed and that customers are provided with a detailed analysis or next step options.

Do note that ETwater Customer Care Department is open Monday – Friday, from 7 am – 5 pm.
We were closed for the holiday weekend from Wednesday July 3rd in the afternoon at 1 pm through Friday July 5th, regular business hours were resumed on July 8th.

When leaving a message, be as detailed as possible so we can best be of service to you. 

Please include the following information as applicable:

  • Serial Number, Site Name, email address, company name … something to help us identify the controller or account in our system.
  • Summary of Reported Issue: Please explain in detail what is happening, and what has been done to attempt to resolve it thus far.
    • Is the controller watering?
    • Is this a communication, hardware or application (software) issue?
    • Have you or anyone else already reached out about this issue? If so, do you have the Case #? This will help us pick up where you left off versus having to repeat yourself.

If you’re reaching out regarding a missed connection, or controller that hasn’t connected please review and follow the attached Power Cycle & Test Dial Instruction Document to re-establish connectivity on your controller. For help with other common issues, please visit our YouTube Channel for video tutorials and other helpful guides.

Thank you in advance for your patience during this busy season.


ETwater Customer Care
p 415.945.9383 | f 415.945.9141
e care@etwater.com
Live Chat: www.etwater.com