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Insights Into Your Landscape

Every drop of water counts, more than ever. Over 60% of the water we use on an annual basis is for outdoor water use, and 50% of that is wasted due to overwatering. It is a waste we can prevent with a simple technology solution.

The ETwater Smart Outdoors mobile app let’s any one see how much water they’re using outside their home or business. It provides insights into precisely how much water is needed to keep your lawn, garden, or property healthy. The ETwater app takes the guesswork out of planning and the costs for maintaining your landscape. Current customers who want easy remote access to their smart controller please use the ETwater QuickDraw mobile app. Click here and add QuickDraw to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet to do station/zone checks, wet tests and more anywhere, anytime.

Mobile App – Insights Into Your Landscape

Welcome to the smart outdoors  

  • A visually compelling view of your outdoor landscape and an app that is aware of your location
  • Perspective on how much average water savings is being realized by others in your area
  • Start fresh, and login based on your location, or remember your previous settings, and images
  • Details and preferences entered can be uploaded to help program your system if you signed up for the ETwater Smartest Sprinkler Service

Easily map the plant-life in your backyard

  • A satellite view of your location is presented, and you can draw right on the screen
  • Simply select your plant, sprinkler details, and other preferences
  • You can also indicate the amount of sun or shade certain areas of your yard receives
  • Upload pictures of your favorite plants, or newly planted areas
Mobile App – Insights Into Your Landscape
Mobile App – Insights Into Your Landscape

See precisely how much water you can save outdoors 

  • We use sophisticated technology to calculate precisely how much water your plants need in certain areas
  • Percentages of water needed for Trees, Shrubs, Turf, Succulents, or Flower Beds are illustrated
  • Numbers provide insight into how much accumulated water is used over different time periods
  • It is all put into perspective, and real world examples help you understand the total impact of your water savings

Follow simple steps to get started with the smartest sprinkler service 

  • If you choose to, you can sign up for the Smartest Sprinkler Service right in the application
  • Most existing hardware can be supported, and a simple remote control device can be plugged-in
  • Simple tutorials make it very easy to setup any ETwater devices you may have been sent as a part of your service
  • Concierge-level support is always available and live assistance is available 24×7 for your questions
Mobile App – Insights Into Your Landscape



Stop wasting water, and see what happens when you apply only the amount your plants need to stay healthy. The Smart Outdoors app also includes an ability to sign up to the ETwater Smartest Sprinkler Service.

The service is weather, climate, and location sensitive, and automatically adjusts water needs and schedules based on ongoing changes to the environment.