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ETwater AlertsETwater is monitoring around the clock for environmental changes that will impact the irrigation at your site. As part of our active monitoring you can select to receive email Alerts for all types of events and situations regarding your system’s operation. This allows quick response to correct or fix most issues right away and often remotely, avoiding costly losses in landscaping, water or on-site service visits.  

During setup of new ETwater smart controller service you can designate multiple user email addresses and the types of alerts each should be sent. You can always add, change or update email notification settings by logging into your ETwater Manager online account and going to the Account Setup page. Typically, a property owner or manager will want their landscape contractor to receive an instant notification about anything that effects watering, while subscription renewal or general business notifications may be sent only to the account owner. Please see below for detailed instructions and more information about setting up your irrigation alerts.

The optional ETwater flow monitoring service adds the capability to monitor and manage flow by reading flow rates directly from leading brands of flow meters, and providing full reporting on learned flow rates per controller and per station. If you’ve activated flow monitoring, you can also receive alerts for breaks, leaks, blockages, and other high and low flow events, as well as notification of automatic shut-off by ETwater if there’s a catastrophic main line break.

ETwater classifies its alerts and notifications into three categories:

1. Urgent. Your immediate attention required.
Indicating a significant risk to the landscaping.

2. Important. Your prompt attention requested.
Indicating a possible risk to landscaping.  

                  3. General. News, sales and marketing announcements.

An Urgent or Important alert will identify for you a specific irrigation issue that’s detected; what is the likely result or effect of that irrigation issue; and finally, recommendations or how to resolve the issue. The current list of conditions and events that trigger alerts include:



  • Malfunctioning Station Module
    Prevents irrigation from occurring until the module is replaced
  • Controller Suspension
    Smart controller will not water until the suspension is removed or expires
  • Valve Short Circuit (Overcurrent)
    Possible wiring issue with irrigation valve or solenoid
  • Valve Dead Short (Excessive Overcurrent)
    Dead valve encountered causing cancellation of irrigation schedule

–– with Flow monitoring service

  • Mainline Break
    Irrigation schedule cancelled and master valve closed
  • High Flow
    Possible broken sprinkler head, pipe or lateral line from increased water pressure



  • Missed Connection
    One or more failures to connect for an update to water schedule
  • Water Budget
    Manual change to watering schedule made on the smart controller 
  • Rain Sensor Wet/Dry
    Watering schedule cancelled/resumed because of attached rain sensor condition 
  • Valve Open Circuit (Undercurrent)
    Possible wiring issue with irrigation valve or solenoid

–– with Flow monitoring service

  • Slow Leak
    A water flow encountered over extended period when no irrigation scheduled
  • Low Flow
    Possible broken sprinkler head, pipe or lateral line from water pressure reduction
  • Unscheduled Flow
    Manually opened (bleeding) valves or the like. Irrigation valve that isn’t closing

Checking Your ETwater Account for Irrigation Issues   

When you login to your ETwater Manager online account the dashboard gives you a quick overview of what’s happening across your sites. The dashboard serves as a launching point to get more details on any irrigation issues listed there. As an example, if the dashboard lists that there are 8 controllers currently suspended, there will be a link that takes the user to a view listing those 8 controllers.

Selecting Your Preferences for Email Irrigation Alerts  

Instant Notifications

Instant notification by email alerts when there is a condition that requests your mmediate attention. These conditions are typically being detected and reported by your smart controller on the site. 

Regular Digest

The digest is an email summary that’s delivered to you on a daily basis. It gives you a convenient at a glance summary of what’s happening at your sites. The digest will include recent events reported from the field as well as a snap shot of the various statuses of all your controllers (number of controllers suspended, number that have not communicated, etc.). The information may not require immediate attention or action but will be helpful in keeping track of what’s been happening across all your sites.

 Click here to watch the ETwater Manager video tutorial on how to check for irrigation issues and selecting your email preferences to get alerts.

ETwater Customer Care
If you ever need any help understanding or setting up your irrigation alerts and notifications, please contact ETwater Customer Care. You can conveniently reach the Care team by phone, email or via the Live Chat feature on our website.
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