Business Services

ETwater has been the preferred smart irrigation service of commercial properties, schools, parks, retail centers, public buildings, HOAs and residential communities nationally since 2002. Our expertise helps achieve operational efficiencies with impact to multiple bottom lines.

ETwater is focused on sustainability. We provide a centrally-managed control of irrigation water across multiple sites, regions, and climate zones.  It’s also the only service where predictive modeling can be done simultaneously alongside actual irrigation for increasing water savings and maintenance costs year-over-year.

“We were pleased that we could maintain the same quality of turf and save over 5 million gallons of water in just the first year. We now have every site on line with ETwater, and are really looking forward to the future results.”

  • Nick Groblewski, Prescott Valley, Arizona, Parks and Recreation


The ETwater smart irrigation service can be rapidly deployed to start saving water immediately. Our service is adaptable and can easily scale from SMB to Enterprise. We can help you meet your strategic and tactical objectives for water, energy, maintenance, and site-level modernization, including: 

  • Minimize capital and equipment costs with subscription services
  • Retrofit options for existing irrigation controllers
  • Programming and monitoring across thousands of sites
  • Performs weather-based watering and adjusts to weather conditions
  • Compliance with municipal water restrictions
  • Remote access to irrigation systems via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Visibility into site functionality and water usage
  • Monitor and adjust water budget performance
  • Mobile workforce tracking
  • Asset management and service histories
Analysis, Reporting, and Service Tracking

Analysis, Reporting, and Service Tracking