Setting establishment schedules for new plants


Getting off to a smart start watering new plants

ETwater smart irrigation continuously adjusts your sprinkler schedule according to local weather and the actual water needs of all the different plant materials that make up your landscaping.

 A custom irrigation schedule is a requirement for new plantings. Schedule adjustments must be made to ensure new plants have the best chance to establish their roots. ETwater’s Establishment Schedule feature offers you the ability to quickly configure and apply an ideal irrigation schedule for your new landscape. Also, the Establishment Schedule is very effective for use in overseeding projects. 


How to set-up an Establishment Schedule 

Use the ETwater Manager web app to remotely program up to 8 start times for your establishment schedule. Simply choose how many run time minutes you want per station. Then, apply any combination of the start times to the establishment schedule stations. Remember that establishment schedules will run outside the normal water window, so make sure to adjust your water window so there is enough time during the day to water new plants. No automatic weather adjustment is applied to establishment schedules, so keep an eye on the weather and apply a suspension to the controller if rain is imminent.

 After you log in to ETwater Manager, click the “Establishment Schedules” tab that you’ll find on the Controller Overview page. Check the box next to the stations that need establishment schedules and enter:

Run Time. Select the number of minutes the station(s) will water during each irrigation event.

Start Times. Enter the time(s) you would like your establishment runtimes to start and then check the appropriate check boxes to assign your station(s) to the desired start times.

End Now. When your new plantings are fully-established you can use the “End Now” option to discontinue the establishment schedule and resume a self-adjusting automated schedule.

Once the Establishment Schedule end date is reached the station(s) will revert to the fully-automatic ETwater schedule based on your landscape profile.

 ETwater Manager Establishment Schedule
Click here to watch the ETwater video tutorial for step-by-step instructions how to set up an establishment or overseeding schedule.   


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If you ever need any help in setting a water window or establishment schedule, please contact ETwater Customer Care. You can conveniently reach the Care team by phone, email or via the Live Chat feature on our website.
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