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July is Smart Irrigation Month! Traditionally the month of peak demand for outdoor water use, the Smart Irrigation Month public awareness campaign highlights simple practices and innovative technologies to eliminate overwatering while keeping lawns, gardens and landscapes beautiful and healthy. Being smart about irrigation also means saving money on utility bills, and helping protect community water supplies for today and the future.

ETwater has the “smartest” irrigation customers. While other companies may offer irrigation controllers that use the science of ET (evapotranspiration) combined with weather updates, ETwater is the only one who actually calculates through cloud computing a precise smart irrigation schedule, based on the type of plants, soil, and other features of the landscape. Then, it automatically adjusts the schedule according to the current ET and weather conditions for the area. Happy Smart Irrigation Month – every month of the year – when you’re conserving with ETwater.    


Real-time monitoring and management on any smartphone or tablet 

ETwater is the preferred smart irrigation controller for landscape maintenance staff. They’re designed so staff can easily interact with them either directly on the unit or through the ETwater QuickDraw® Mobile Control app on a smartphone or tablet. QuickDraw (available with all ETwater subscriptions) gives staff remote access to the irrigation controller from anywhere, at any time, to send a variety of commands. It can be bookmarked right on the smartphone or tablet home screen for clicking and immediately connecting to an ETwater irrigation controller, without having to download and open a separate app.      


QuickDraw: Your irrigation system’s remote control   

Take instant on-site irrigation system actions with QuickDraw, including:

  • Start/stop station or zone watering
  • Apply/remove suspensions instantly
  • Review programming
  • Check the status of the controller     

Use QuickDraw for remote troubleshooting. Turn on watering for a station or zone and check the controller status to confirm its operational and watering is occurring. Station/zone watering can be verified by looking at the mA reading or flow GPM being reported. (Flow will be reported only if a flow sensor has been installed and is active.)

Use QuickDraw to do regular maintenance ‘Wet Check’ or testing the watering capability of each station/zone. You can freely walk around a site to continuously check watering of each station/zone without having to return to the controller every time to start a new station/zone test.

Experiencing connectivity issues when sending a Quickdraw command? Most common issues and ways to correct are:

Missed Connections. Check the Communications Report on the ETwater Manager Controller Overview page. To fix, go to the controller and perform a power cycle and Test Dial to restore connection. Attempt to use QuickDraw again once a test dial has been successfully completed.

Low Signal. If you have low signal strength, your command may have trouble reaching the controller. Signal strength can be increased with an upgraded antenna. If you think you have low signal, please contact ETwater Customer Care and who can verify the signal strength and make a recommendation.

Click here to watch how to use the ETwater QuickDraw mobile control app and its five major irrigation system actions that any maintenance staff would be required to do on-site.   

ETwater Customer Care
If you ever need any help using the QuickDraw mobile app, please contact ETwater Customer Care. You can conveniently reach the Care team by phone, email or via the Live Chat feature on our website.
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ETwater appreciates your business! Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to help you work smarter, and keep your landscape green, and healthy.

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Knowing the landscape is being watered accurately

Handling local water restrictions for landscaping

Setting an Establishment Schedule

ETwater was recently selected by the editorial staff of BUILDINGS magazine as a 2017 Money-Saving Product winner.

ETwater offers a plug-n-play device for easy upgrade of conventional water controllers to its smart irrigation system. The cloud-based ETwater platform takes environmental data from multiple sources and provides intelligent, automated water irrigation plans and schedules for our line of smart sprinkler controllers and services.  

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