New, Replacement or Retrofit
Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers




ETwater offers three smart controller models for cost-effectively transforming any conventional, standard irrigation system to smart irrigation control and management.  All three smart controllers access the powerful ETwater cloud-based smart irrigation platform that dynamically adjusts landscape watering schedules by zone/station based on weather forecast, plant types, soil, microclimate, and other environmental data.

ETwater automatically schedules irrigation to occur in compliance with any municipal restrictions or mandatory watering days, and will send alerts based on any unusual situations, such as abnormal water flow rates.  Designed for quick set-up to remotely manage and monitor watering real-time from any computer, tablet or Smartphone, ETwater smart controllers connect to the internet over cellular data networks with no cables or WiFi necessary.

All ETwater smart controller devices are FCC approved and EPA WaterSense certified.



New construction or existing controller that needs complete replacement

ETwater SmartBox Controller

SmartBox Controller


  • Durable, weather-resistant aluminum enclosure with locking cabinet for indoor or outdoor use suitable for wall mounting and selected pedestal installations.
  • Easy-to-use keypad for viewing programs, manual (offline) valve operation and other system functions.
  • Plug-in interface for Rain Master® and certain other remote control systems.
  • Standard connections for rain sensor, booster pump, master valve, and flow sensor. Compatible with normally open or normaly closed master valves, rain/freeze or wind sensors.
  • Controller keypad can be used to test one or all stations for OK, open or shorted circuits.
  • Colored LED panel lights report activity status for rain sensor, flow sensor, or open or shorted valve.
  • Back lit LCD display provides output verification for station being irrigated.

Electrical specifications

  • 120 VAC input and 24 VAC output.
  • All 24V output terminals have surge protection rated up to 4KV in accordance with IEC 6100-4-5 standard.
  • All outputs protected by a 2.0 amp self-resetting fuse.
  • Input power draw: 1.0 amp or less at 120 volts VAC.
  • Each station, boost pump, and master valve ouput terminal can handle up to two 24V solenoids.
  • Total controller output is 2.0 amps which can typically operate 4 solenoids, including master valve and pump relay.
  • In event of power outage, non-volatile memory retains all programming information indefinitely.
  • Chassis-mounted grounding lug for added lightning protection.


How to specify ETwater SmartBox Controllers

Product Sheet


SmartBox Model 105

  • Capacity: 8, 16 or 24 stations
  • Weight: 8 lb.
  • Dimensions: 11.5″W x 9.5″H x 4.75″D
  • Wireless Communication

105W-8, 8 station model
105W-16, 16 station model
105W-24 24 station model

SmartBox Model 205

  • Capacity: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 stations
  • Weight: 10 lb.
  • Dimensions: 14.5″W x 12.5″H x 4.75″D
  • Wireless Communication

205W-8, 8 station model
205W-16, 16 station model
205W-24, 24 station model
205W-32, 32 station model
205W-40, 40 station model
205W-48, 48 station model

Old controller needs replacement, but existing enclosure
and valve wiring are still good

ETwater SmartWorks Replacement Panel

SmartWorks Panel Open

All the same features and functions as ETwater SmartBox Controller

Electrical specifications

  • 120 VAC input and 24 VAC output


The ETwater SmartWorks panel replaces the electronic panel assemblies in:

  • Irritrol® MC Plus series
  • Rain Master® Sentar, Hawk, Eagle or Evolution DX2 series
  • Rain Bird® models that fit in the deep-drawn cabinet, including: ESP-MC (Maxicom2® compatible) series, ESP-SAT series, ISC, ISC+, ISC-B, ISC-SAT, ISC-B-SAT, CCU & CCU-J

SmartWorks panels are compatible with both wall and pedestal mount configurations.



How to specify ETwater SmartWorks Replacement Panels

Product Sheet

For Irritrol® MC–Plus Ccontrollers

204W-PI18, 18 station
204W-PI24, 24 station
204W-PI30, 30 station
204W-PI36, 36 station
204W-PI42, 42 station

For Rain Bird® Controllers *

204W-PB8, 8 station
204W-PB16, 16 station
204W-PB24, 24 station
204W-PB32, 32 station
204W-PB40, 40 station
204W-PB-QC, 50-pin QuickConnect w/cable included

* Replacement panels for Rain Bird® commercial models that fit in the deep-drawn cabinet, including ESP-MC (Maxicom2® compatible) and ESP-SAT series.

For Rain Master® Sentar, Eagle + Hawk Controllers

204W-PR12, 12 station
204W-PR18, 18 station
204W-PR24, 24 station
204W-PR30, 30 station
204W-PR36, 36 station

For Rain Master® Evolution DX2 Controllers *

204W-PRE16, 16 station
204W-PRE24, 24 station
204W-PRE32, 32 station
204W-PRE40, 40 station
204W-PRE48, 48 station

* Panels for Rain Master Evolution DX2 require eight weeks lead time.

The only retrofit controller available that can instantly convert to smart irrigation an existing conventional controller by plugging into the remote control port

ETwater HermitCrab 2
with Flow Monitoring


All the same features and functions as ETwater SmartBox Controller

Flow attachment

  • Measures and records flow and alerts on flow events such as a main line breaks, stuck valves, and broken sprinkler detection.
  • Compatible with most available irrigation flow sensors.

Electrical specifications

  • Input voltage 24 VAC provided by host controller
  • In the event of power outage, non-volatile memory retains all programming information indefinitely
  • Accepts 3/4″ conduit


ETwater HermitCrab 2 is compatible with most models of the following brands. Host controller must have a remote control port.

  • Hunter®
  • Rain Master®
  • Irritrol®
  • Superior™/Sterling
  • Rain Bird®
  • Weathermatic®
  • Toro®



How to specify ETwater HermitCrab 2 with Flow Monitoring

Product Sheet

ETW-HC-2-FA, HermitCrab 2 with flow adapter

  • Weight: 2 lb.
  • Dimensions: 3.9″W x 7.9″H x 2.0″D

Plus, one of the following required host cables:

ETW-HC-H-CO, HermitCrab host cable for Hunter® host controller (uses 3 wire remote connector)
ETW-HC-T-CO, HermitCrab host cable for Irritrol® or Toro® host controller (uses RJ11 connector)
ETW-HC-IR6-CO, HermitCrab host cable for Irritrol® or Superior™ host controller (uses 6 pin remote connector)
ETW-HC-W-CO, HermitCrab host cable for Weathermatic® host controller (uses RJ11 connector)
ETW-HC-RB5-CO, HermitCrab host cable for Rain Bird® host controller (uses 5 pin remote connector)
ETW-HC-RB6-CO HermitCrab host cable for Rain Bird® host controller (uses 5 pin remote connector)
ETW-HC-RM-CO HermitCrab with cable for Rain Master® host controller (uses 9 pin D type male remote connector)


ET Water Systems, Inc. is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Hunter Industries, The Rain Bird Corporation, Rain Master Irrigation Systems, Inc.,Storm Manufacturing Group, Telsco Industries, or the Toro Company. The warranties of Hunter Industries, The Rain Bird Corporation, Rain Master Irrigation Systems, Inc., Storm Manufacturing Group, Telsco Industries, and the Toro Company do not apply to ETwater HermitCrab products. Rain Bird and Maxicom are trademarks of Rain Bird Corporation.