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Welcome to the Smart Outdoors

ET Unity helps reduce your impact on the world’s precious resources. It dramatically reduces your water footprint, provides insights and gives you an unprecedented level of control over your landscape. It is the first of many new sustainability focused products and services from ETwater. To expand the power of this unique system you can always add accessories, and integrate with other smart home products and platforms.

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ET Unity Controller

ET Unity is an automation hub for your outdoors, a powerful device that controls your sprinklers and continuously adjusts their schedule to provide your plants with the optimum amount of water while eliminating all water waste. Its sophisticated logic includes weather forecasts to maximize your water savings better than any other irrigation device or service can.


  • ARM-based CPU with the computational power of a modern day smartphone
  • Multiple forms of connectivity incl. Wifi, Bluetooth, and 3G/4G LTE for ultimate flexibility
  • Sophisticated software stack using the latest Ubuntu Linux distributions
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ET Unity Service & Mobile Experience

ET Unity is also a cloud-based service that performs the most complex calculations for Unity controllers. It combines plant data, soil data, solar irradiation data, wind, rainfall and humidity data, and pretty much all other weather and environmental data. The service connects you to your devices through a beautiful mobile experience. Information is presented visually with satellite-based imagery, and your own pictures.

* Available now.


  • The Ultimate Mobile User Experience for Android, iOS platforms
  • Utilizes hundreds of external data feeds, and imaging sources to provide insights
  • An Advanced Data Model and Analytics Engine in the cloud
  • Full integration capability with other IoT platforms and devices
ET Unity Smart Outdoors Open Innovation Smart Home Products API PDK

Open Innovation & Reference Kit

Most importantly, ET Unity is a learning system and an open innovation platform for sustainability products. Because saving the planet is best done together, the ET Unity devices and service are open and licensable. Not just with open APIs, but with open hardware available as a reference kit, and software, so third parties and enthusiasts can quickly and easily create accessories and extensions, and integrate with their own products and services.


  • Published APIs (Programming Interfaces) and reference documentation
  • A Hardware based Product Development Kit for quickly building new devices and accessories
  • An Open Source license model and a community approach to development


Today Unity controls your sprinklers. Tomorrow it will control your landscape lighting, it will know where you left your tools, it will tell you when your roses are about to bloom, and a whole lot more.



What do I get, and when do I get it?

Unity Products

What fully enables the Smart Outdoors? First, you need a central control device. One that has the power and flexibility to seamlessly work with accessories that allow you to connect your water systems, lighting, monitoring, and other devices. Traditional products, and capabilities can then become part of a new smart system.

ETwater will ship the first Unity device and connection accessories in Q2 of this year. You will be able to sign up for a small monthly service fee, and then qualify for a certain amount of equipment based on the terms of your agreement. It works just like your cable or cell phone agreement works today. The power of the Smart Outdoors, and all of the insights we can provide, live in our powerful online platform and database. Just like content is delivered to your television from your cable or satellite provider, we connect your landscape or site to the internet and deliver an ever expanding set of services and capabilities.

To unify and work with many other smart products we have to provide the most powerful forms of connectivity. Also, due to the size and characteristics of most outdoor landscapes, it helps to have a complete wireless solution. Your 3G/4G wireless service fees are included in the price of your subscription.


  • Residential device available Q2
  • Wireless network connectivity included (Bluetooth, Wifi, 2G/3G/4G LTE)
  • First accessories and connection modules available Q2
  • Integration with other digital home platforms and protocols (e.g. WeMo, Nest Weave, Apple HomeKit)
  • Low monthly service fees


To be notified when the first Unity Products and Services are available please sign up. 

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Unity Developers

We knew that we needed to make it super easy to expand the capabilities of the Unity Products. To do that we didn’t want ourselves or others to have to ‘reinvent the wheel’. The key realization we have had over the years is that the technology exists for a sustainability focus with products and lifestyles, and can provide incredible insights in to what is happening outdoors. 

So we created a Product Development Kit (PDK), or reference platform. At the heart of this kit is a highly capable PCB with an embedded ARM (A8) processor, and all the radio and I/O technology you need. You don’t need to be an expert in this level of integration to be able to create your own products and accessories. We use a software stack based on Ubuntu Linux, and all of the core pieces you need to create new products or accessories, or to develop support for other systems is included.

We believe in an open innovation model, one wherein we contribute our insights and know how, and make it available to others for their use. As a result, the PCB designs, and the PDK are distributed under an open source based contribution and license agreement, and our APIs are public. We want to see what people and companies can do with a truly open technology solution for the smart outdoors.


  • PDK Available Q1
  • Powerful embedded ARM processor and radios (Bluetooth, Wifi, 2G/3G/4G LTE)
  • Open Source License and Contribution Agreements
  • Public APIs and Documentation Available Q1
  • A Growing list of accessories, and integration features


To start working with a Unity API, build accessories, or to order a Product Development Kit, sign up below.

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What can I control with Unity?

Today, Unity controls your sprinklers and continuously updates their schedule to match the weather. But Unity doesn’t just give you smart sprinklers, it is designed to control the smart outdoors. Expect more Unity products and accessories from us for controlling exterior lighting, gates, etc. And since Unity is an open platform, anyone else can make Unity compatible products. In fact, if you’d like to integrate Unity with anything else, there is the Unity API for that.

Does Unity replace my current sprinkler timer?

Yes. You will disconnect the sprinkler wiring running into your sprinkler timer and connect them to the Unity accessory for your sprinklers. The sprinkler accessory connects wirelessly to your Unity hub via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Do you predict the weather?

We gather information from some of the nations best weather providers, and we further analyze it to predict and understand forecasts. We also track the amount of actual rainfall. All of this happens at a level of granularity that is unsurpassed, we call it Hyper-local, as it surpasses the capabilities of typical ‘postal code’ and weather station based systems.

Can Unity save me water?

Very likely. If you’re watering your landscape with a sprinkler timer on a fixed schedule, and you switch to an automatic schedule with Unity, you could save up to 50% or more.  

Our schedule generation is the industry’s most advanced and uses more data sources than any other. It includes ongoing analysis of the service to learn and optimize what is happening to your landscape based on the weather, microclimates, and other factors.

Can Unity work with HomeKit, Nest, Weave, IFTTT, my Arduino controlled coffee maker?

It can. We are working on those integrations with the most popular products as a priority, and working with other product manufacturers. If you like to develop or get excited about the possibilities, you can make your own connections using our open APIs.

Does Unity work with my smartphone?

Yes, and other mobile devices. More importantly, Unity will help you plan and save based on complex weather calculations.

The Unity mobile experience for Apple IOS and Android Smartphones and tablets gives you an image based way to create zones and maps of your landscape, and you can take pictures and chart plant growth and landscape changes over time.