Example Uses of the ET Unity API

The proof is in the App

How better to show the capabilities of the Unity API than with real-life examples. So we built a mobile app and online tool to easily map any landscape and get a plethora of information about the landscape you mapped and the weather and environment you mapped in. The mobile app is as easy as finger painting and provides a water use comparison against a typical residential irrigation controller, while the online tool allows for more detailed mapping and provides a far more detailed report.

Try them out and get inspired about what is possible with the Unity API.

Mobile App

Unity API — Example Applications
Unity API — Example Applications
Unity API — Example Applications

The ETwater mobile app helps anyone understand how much water they’re likely using in their yard or garden and how much they could save if they used Smart Irrigation instead of a traditional controller. The potential savings are shown in visual measurements that are easy to understand, such as glasses of water or Olympic-size swimming pools. All you need to do is highlight the plants on a satellite map. Try it for yourself.


The mobile app uses the following Unity APIs

  • API Gateway OAuth
  • Gardening Projects API
  • Gardening Regions API
  • Gardening Zones API
  • Sites Dashboard Near Me API
  • Sites Dashboard Savings API
  • Gardening Projects Snapshots API
  • Mobile app version status
  • Installation Instructions Presentations Search API


Unity API — Example Applications
Unity API — Example Applications
Unity API — Example Applications

The online tool provides property managers and irrigation and landscape specialists a 7-page Optimized Irrigation Plan. It shows the estimated water needs for any landscape in the U.S. with beautiful graphs on water use and the local climate. Water use is calculated using a year’s worth of hourly weather data, including temperature, wind speed, humidity and solar radiation.

Get your Optimized Irrigation plan at etwater.com/plan

The Optimized Irrigation Plan uses the following Unity APIs

See detailed descriptions and code examples of some of the APIs used in these tools, or see the complete API reference for all available calls.