Awareness in California


LeeLee M. Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Living and working in California you get a consistent stream of information and a perspective about environmental, geological, and climatological issues. The daily news is rife with recurring topics and updates on microclimates, and natural events like landslides, off shore breezes, earthquakes, and weather. You can participate in and overhear conversations in cafes, bars, hardware stores, and bike shops about the same topics. It’s a part of daily life, this awareness and perspective on these types of issues.

Recently, a lot of that focus and attention has turned to conversation about the drought, and water. Water is the life blood of California, and what one could argue is the essential ingredient to life on this planet. It’s right up there with oxygen, and sustenance, an integral part of the fabric of life.

What every one is talking about can be summarized in one simple concept. We are using more water than is being replenished. This is happening at a scale that makes it both difficult to see day to day, and even more difficult to fix. Lifestyles, industries, policies, and practices all need to change.

California alone uses 38 Billion Gallons of water each day. 74% of all fresh water withdrawals of water were for irrigation. If you use conventional irrigation clocks, equipment and sprinklers, or manually water, it is typical to over water by at least 50%. It is common practice to water sidewalks, pavement, dirt, and to give plants and turf in a landscape much more water than it needs.

This is why we are here. We have a solution to this issue of waste. We don’t have to focus on saving just 15-20% of our daily water use as Governor Brown, and a lot of municipalities would mandate. You can do more. You don’t have to replace your lawn with rocks or hardscape. You can save 50% or more of what you are using for irrigation by signing up for our smart irrigation solution.

This is part of what I want to add to these daily conversations and concerns about the drought, and water scarcity. Help me spread the word and create awareness about this service. In the end, it can help us all maintain access to one of the essential ingredients we use to live and to thrive. The service is available Nationwide.

* For more information on California's water use.