Knowing the landscape is being watered accurately


Am I saving water? Am I saving money? 

You can rest assured you’re saving water if you’re letting ETwater dynamically adjust and update your schedule on a daily basis. We are running algorithms, accessing data sources, and doing predictive modeling to make sure that your site and landscape always has the optimum watering plan.


ETwater is the only smart irrigation system that actually calculates your watering schedule based on the type of plants you have, your soil type, and other landscape features. It then uses the science of ET combined with the prevailing weather conditions in your area to automatically adjust your irrigation schedule and verify your landscape has been watered accurately. ETwater provides friendly, informative reporting tools to show how much water you’re using, which you can then compare with your actual water bills for seeing how much money you’re saving. 

How to quickly see if you are over or under watering 

  Through your ETwater Manager web app you can get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your watering accuracy. Simply click on the Reports button at the top right of your Account Overview page. First, select the option to run an Over or Under Watering Report, then select a site or controller, and finally, select the period of time you want these insights into your landscape irrigation (last 30 days/last 365 days/range or particular month/particular year/custom period). Press the ‘Continue’ button and you’ll see the results in the following format.


Here are reasons and suggested steps to take if you find your stations are

Over Watering

Over watering may be caused by stations programmed with fixed or establishment schedules (hyperlink previous newsletter). You may also see over watering on stations/zones with a water budget set above 100%. (You can see the current water budget values when viewing a controller report by clicking the “Station settings” link.) If you would like to conserve water and there are no signs of plant stress at the site, try setting the water budget to 100% or less.

Under Watering

A report of under watering may be the result of multiple blocked days, a long suspension, or water window settings that are too short. Rainfall also replaces the need for irrigation. Therefore the irrigation we apply, combined with rainfall, may be sufficient for plant requirements. If the plants are showing signs of stress, please ensure the water window is set to the recommended duration and the water budget is set to 100%.

Optimal Watering

If the report indicates your stations are receiving the optimal water amount, you still have a valuable opportunity to save more water! If your plants look healthy, try decreasing the water budget by 5% to 10% and then inspect the landscape over the next few weeks. 


Click here to watch the ETwater video tutorial for step-by-step instructions how to run your Over or Under Watering Report.  


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